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Hello. I am Mutz, a Tokyo-based photographer of Capture Tokyo. I am good at indoor and outdoor portraits, as well as taking photos of gigs and events.

My professional experiences include hotel interior photos, stint I got through 500px.

violence against women

interior work

Magazine / Pasha Style  Vol.2

Please feel free to contact me for any photo occasion. I’d be happy to work for you!



Mutz Ishizawa is a self-taught photographer, qualified travel management and tour conductor. She lived in Sydney for a year and in Brighton, UK for over 10 years. Through her experiences around Europe and South America, Mutz has developed her photography and creativity and is always trying to capture the world in new and innovative ways. It is with this wealth of background knowledge that Mutz today wants to share the heart of Tokyo with you.

Mutz was born in Itabashi, Tokyo and after a long time travelling, has come home to glorious Tokyo and wants to share her passion for this dynamic city by taking you gently by the hand and negotiating you through this photogenic wonderland. She will guide you through the local tourist destinations, restaurants and bars and once in the bars is where most tours tend to end, unless you want to go further! We hope to see you very soon for a unique and collaborative experience that you will never forget. (Writer: Lloyd Lewery)

Thank you to all my friends helped me to make this website.

Toni Anne Gray,  Lloyd Lewery and Freda Kaori





  1. Bob Cooper

    Hi Mutz:

    I’ll be in Tokyo Feb 19-23. I am looking to take a few photography trips and there are a few companies. I’m looking at your trips, both day and night, and they look interesting. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know where to start. I like pictures of landscapes, people, unique places. An overall picture of the city might be less interesting if specific places cannot be identified. I also wanted to visit to macaque monkeys for a day trip, but I don’t know anyone who is going out there. Would love to hear suggestions. Price is a factor, but not a major one. Thank you very much.

    • Mutz

      Thank you for getting in touch Bob. Im happy to help you and looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo!

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