Meetup workshop on June 2017

One-on-One portrait workshop is available. price 30,000 yen ~

contact : (Mutz)

Meetup workshop with Mama Abe and Erina

@ the rooftop

Model: Mayu / Nikon D750 / 85mm

Model: Mayu / Nikon D750 / 85mm

@ the abandoned place

lost in the…… /Model: UG

Model: UG

@ the park

a flying car

I want to get it!

Natural Sunlight

Model: Mayu / Fujifilm X-T2 / 35mm

Model: Mayu / Fujifilm X-T2 / 35mm


Model: Mayu / Fujifilm X-T2 / 35mm


@ the Apartment 

Love the person

Love the person

Came from the future

Came from the future / model: Yurino

Drunk again

Drunk again /Model: shin


Discombobulated / Model: Yoshi



time machine

Time Machine Model: Rodolphe Miez



Inside the mind 506w

Inside the mind 500w


Confusion: Model: Rodolphe Miez

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Underground: Model: Alexis Lajou

Alexis capturetokyo web 2


Street photography CaptureTokyo 7 Street photography CaptureTokyo 5 Street photography CaptureTokyo 3

Artistic portrait workshop at Setagaya

MUA: Mami Abe

Model: Erina

Ikebukuro Street shooting

body painting works by Ai



I am very happy to work with any sort of artists and creators.

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